Times square, USA

Known colloquially as "the crossroads of the world", times square is one of the most popular places, every day there are more than a third of a million people! In this square is the Studio, where broadcasts of "Good morning America", many shops of famous brands, head offices of large corporations, and more. Its name the square received from those on her earlier office of the new York times.

The international space station

To see the Earth from space, it is not necessary to travel on a space ship. You can watch the video from the web camera installed on the ISS (international space station). The picture is slowly but surely changing throughout the day. Thus, it is possible to personally make sure that our planet is not in danger, but also to learn something, what until now was a mystery!

Tower bridge

The bridge is opened according to the schedule drawn up in the months ahead. But there are unplanned situations.

The jubilee bridge.Omsk (Russia)

The first bridge on this site appeared in Omsk in 1826, and it was called Elias. This bridge was made of wood and stood until the beginning of XX century. The remains of its supports and still visible under the modern bridge. In 1898 the city head Ostapenko, coming from the world exhibition in Paris, decided to build an iron drawbridge. 7 Jun 1903, in the place of Elias bridge was solemnly opened on the drawbridge, which in common parlance is called the Iron or Paris. He lasted until 1967, when in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the establishment of Soviet power opened a new reinforced concrete single-span bridge, named in honor of this anniversary, Anniversary. Today, this bridge is one of the "visiting cards" of the city, with a spectacular view of the historic centre of Omsk. During the holidays, this bridge becomes pedestrian-only and pass through the tens of thousands of people.

Bay. Trieste (Italy)

Trieste is mentioned by Caesar in "Notes on the Gallic war as Target. The first city walls were built by Octavian, who in 33 BC and advised to adapt the Bay for the ships. Later Target was in the shade of the nearby Aquileia.

Kiev, Independence Square

The camera covers a large part of the area, so any time you can easily start browsing the most interesting incidents!

Street Abbey Road. London (England)

Tin sign with the street name on the corner of Grove End Road and Abbey road was recently removed since it is often stolen or spoiled by various inscriptions. Now a pointer to the name of the street fixed high up on the building on the corner. Every three months the Council have to repaint the wall of the house near the crossing, where fans of the fab four leave graffiti

Aquapark Tatralandia

Entertainment complex Tatralandia is the largest in Slovakia. And not only. He is in the TOP of the huge water parks all over Europe. Here are 11 swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), 27 slides, many rides for children and a Wellness area with warm thermal waters. All this located in a picturesque part of Slovakia, near the liptovská Mara (a large reservoir), on the background of colored fields. The place for this family idyll!

Research station Summit camp (Greenland)

Summit camp (eng. Camp Summit or Summit Station is a year — round research station on the summit of the Greenland ice sheet. Its coordinates are variable, since the ice is moving. The station is located 3216 metres above sea level.

Railway station Finse

And another interesting fact: Finse is the highest railway station in Norway.

Research station Halley Bay. Antarctica

Halley Bay (Hally Bay - British Antarctic research station on the coast of qotsa Land (Western Antarctica). Located on the surface of the ice shelf brunt. Opened on 16 January 1956. Wintering staff 10-38 people At the station are conducted meteorological, geophysical and glaciological observations, and medical and biological research. Base route for field studies in the adjacent areas of Antarctica.

The Grand Place, Brussels

On the square are tables, owned by a local cozy cafes, people walking around (even at night as the area has good lighting), and in August, every two years we create a large flower carpet.

The Volcano Eyjafjallajökull

It is impossible to predict how you will in the future to Eyjafjallajökull. Follow him through the web camera so as not to miss the fun!

Rio Grande (Brazil)

Part of the greater South-East of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. Included in the economic-statistical micro-region Litoral-Lagunar.

The fountains of Neptune and the Four rivers, the square of Piazza Navona. Rome (Italy)

The Neptune fountain, installed in the square at the end of the XVI century, was originally without the sculptures of Neptune and its surrounding figures are dated back to XIX century. Fountain of the four rivers (ital. Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi) by Bernini, 1647-1651 of the year: the Egyptian obelisk, surrounded by statues symbolizing the major rivers of the four parts of the world — the Nile, Ganges, Danube and La Plata.

Tongariro Volcano (New Zealand)

First Tongariro eruption dates back about 250 thousand years ago.

The Revolution Square. Chelyabinsk

Originally the area was called South, as it was located on the southern outskirts of the city, outside the main building, and was restricted to North of Southern Boulevard (now Lenin Avenue).

Hagia Sophia and Blue mosque. Istanbul (Turkey)

The construction of the mosque in the image and likeness of Aya Sofia has influenced generations of architects, from Albania to Caucasus. Throughout the Ottoman Empire the mosque was built on the same principle: the Central dome over the main nave, the narthex from the entrance and gallery from the outside. Thus, we can say that Hagia Sophia, which became the prototype of Blue Mosque changed the course of development of Islamic architecture and became a role model for Turkish mosques.

The Grand Hotel Polyana complex is Gazprom. Sochi (Russia)

Room types: Deluxe, Suite, Studio, Suite, family Suite, panoramic Suite, Villa.

Semashko str/Voloshin, mytisci

It is also very close to the ring road, racing that for a few minutes to reach the capital.

Coast. Recife (Brazil)

The city was founded in 1537 by the Portuguese, and at first was called Pernambuco.

The Piazza Barberini. Rome (Italy)

The square was created in the XVI century, and most of the surrounding buildings have since been substantially rebuilt. Current name the square got in 1625 after the construction of Palazzo Barberini on the hill South of the square. Initially, the entrance of the Palace, created by the painter and architect Pietro da Cortona, located in the South-Eastern corner of the square. However, it was demolished in the XIX century during the construction of the new road. The appearance of the square and destroyed the façade is known from engravings and early photographs.

Panorama. Queenstown (New Zealand)

According to archaeological excavations, near the modern position of Queenstown was a small Maori settlement. However, by the time the first European settlers, the Maori left the area.

PR. Victory. Kopeysk (Russia)

Was founded on the site of the village of Tugaikul, the first documentary mention of which dates from 24 April 1810, and the history of its Foundation dates back to 1736, when it was built the fortress of Chelyaba, which subsequently became the city of Chelyabinsk.

Coast. Alanya (Turkey)

Thanks to the warm Mediterranean sea, as well as protect from cold Northern winds by the Taurus mountains, Alanya is the warmest major city in Turkey. The average temperature is 20 °C (for comparison, the average temperature of Antalya +17 °C, Sochi +14 °C, nice +16 °C). The climate of Alanya is Mediterranean subtropical climate.

Borgholm (Sweden)

Borgholm is located approximately 240 kilometers South of Stockholm and 80 km South of Kalmar. The main town of the island of öland. Borgholm is one of the most popular resorts among tourists. The largest Marina in Sweden with restaurants, hotels, shops.

The promenade, the hotel Primorsko. Sochi (Russia)

The "Primorskaya"hotel -3* located in the heart of Sochi, a few meters from the sea in the Primorsky Park. The hotel "Primorskaya" is located in the Eastern corner of the block bounded by streets Ordzhonikidze, Coastal, Sokolova and Sea lane. The hotel has 800 (380 rooms). Barber. 2 restaurants. Massage room, gym. In close proximity to Winter theatre, cinema-concert hall "Festival", Art Museum, hall of organ and chamber music, cinemas, discos, water Park "Mayak", the Marine station of Sochi arboretum and the Circus.

Subotica, Liberty Square

The square is designed in extraordinary style – the center has a circle form, which depart from the pedestrian streets. Among them, the Korzo street leading to the station. Not far from the place that you see on the screen at the end of the 90s was built two color fountain Green and Blue. Subotica – colored city that captivates with its harmony of a combination of different eras!

Birds. Ubatuba (Brazil)

The city was founded on 28 October 1637.

Fountain of the Pantheon, the square of the rotunda. Rome (Italy)

The fountain was designed by Giacomo della Porta (Giacomo Della Porta), and built it and put a marble in 1575 Leonardo Sormani (Leonardo Sormani). In 1711 Pope Clement XI decided to rebuild the fountain and invited for this Brignoni Filippo (Filippo Barignoni), which changed the pool, making it a stone set in the center of the fountain, the obelisk of Ramses II, and also added four dolphins around a decorative pedestal. In 1886 the original marble figures were removed and replaced with copies by Luigi Amici (Amici Luigi). Today the originals are in the Museum of Rome in the Palace Brascii (Palazzo Braschi).